Why Pacific Petroleum?

By partnering with global multinationals we are able to provide the best of both worlds

Approachable & Personalised

We pride ourselves on providing personalised, flexible and innovative services. By partnering with global multinationals we are able to provide the best of both worlds. Not only do you get access to the latest technological advances in fuel and lubricants from the very best global brands in the world you also receive the personalised, innovative and flexible service that only a family business can provide.

We’re known for having a small company feel but with big company capability. We give clients contact to the right person at the right time, so queries are addressed quickly and efficiently.

We value the communication among our staff and customers. Pacific Petroleum takes care of its clients by providing them with timely information and looking for better ways to provide quality products and services.

Fuel Your Business

Pacific Petroleum can help you with onsite & project refuelling, bulk fuel deliveries, fuel installations & equipment, 24-hour on-road network and even fuel cartage.

We have the right trucks and equipment to deliver and store the fuel you need to keep your operations running. We can tailor specific equipment and service solutions for your business, to make sure you never run out of fuel.

Lubricant Specialties

In addition to the above services, we specialise in lubrication surveys, lubricant analysis & testing, lubrication equipment and lubricant engineering services.

Through the years, Pacific Petroleum has continued its great reputation in the lubricant business. We cater to different industries such as agriculture, automotive, aviation, construction, heavy transport, industrial, mining, and power generation.

We offer high-quality products from globally-trusted brands like Phillips 66, Shell, and Mobil.

Experience & Innovation

Pacific Petroleum is passionate about helping businesses do better by providing tailored solutions utilising petroleum products, equipment with various services and branding.

The company has many long-term employees who have been with the company for more than 20 years. The experience and expertise of our employees allow us to react quickly to opportunities, problem-solving and developing innovative solutions. It also gives us an advantage in the marketplace, because we can make things happen quickly for our customers.

We continuously seek ways and opportunities to cost-effectively improve both the quality of our products and the environment, as well as health and safety performance.


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