With fuel prices increasing, saving fuel is again a top concern. Higher fuel rates most likely taking a bigger bite out of your budget. But what’s scary about this round of increasingly higher fuel rates is it isn’t revealing signs of leaving off. In this article, you will get some excellent ways to do to save fuel and money.Save Fuel

  1. Always attempt and maintain your car in tip-top shape and have the engine tuned regularly. If the car is not performing at maximum performance, then you will use more fuel than required. Good car maintenance is essential not only will your car last longer and will be simpler to sell if you need to be in the future.
  2. While driving you require to keep a steady speed and attempt to avoid stopping as this will add to the poor economy of the car and as a matter of fact, past tests show that stopping often can cost you up to 30%.
  3. Another tip is something most people don’t think about but it is a wonderful method to get a little extra fuel for your money. Attempt buying your fuel at night or the coolest part of the day because the cooler fuel gets the denser it is and you obtain more for your money.
  4. Driving with your windows open is a good feeling with the wing in your hair but the child does it costs a ton of money to fuel. The extra drag caused by having the windows open is a nightmare. I was shocked at how much this affects the economy of a car. Try and drive with the windows up, at low speeds around town. 
  5. The last tip is to ensure your tyres are inflated to the right psi as underinflated tyres will enhance friction and not only wear the tyre out quickly but will make the car slower and cost more fuel.