On our previous blog, we provided a list of objectives and things that you have to consider before buying or leasing your equipment. This time, Pacific Petroleum will provide some equipment options that you can consider, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using specific kinds of fuel storage tanks.

As a provider of quality fuel, Pacific Petroleum offers fuel storage tank rental to accommodate your bulk fuel orders and help keep your fuel fresh. We provide storage equipment that is fully compliant and backed up by expert advice.

Pacific Petroleum has storage tanks that can accommodate 1000L to 50000L of fuel. Here are some options that you can consider upon determining that you need fuel storage tanks for your business.

Above-ground or on-ground cylinders/tanks

Above-ground cylinders/tanks are ideal for farming and agriculture-related businesses. When you use these kinds of tanks, you won’t need electricity to access the fuel required for your operations. You can count on gravity feed to do the work for you. Using this type of tank, you won’t have to worry about the bunding requirement since aboveground cylinders are usually smaller than those that require bund walls. You can use these tanks to easily refuel your vehicles and farm equipment.

While it has its advantages, the owners of this type of equipment should be aware of the risks of using such. Before leasing/buying the equipment, owners must consider the weather and ground conditions where the tank will be installed to prevent accidents that might compromise the safety of the owners, workers/farmers, and the environment.

Pacific Petroleum’s aboveground cylinders are ideal for farm use and are NMI approved. Our tanks are available in various sizes to accommodate the needs of your business.

Self-bunded tanks

Larger tanks need bunding or bund wall to keep potentially polluting substances from making contact with the ground or the environment until remedial actions can be taken. We offer self-bunded tanks that you can relocate whenever and wherever you need it.

Compared to regular tanks, self-bunded tanks offer better protection because they are made with double steel walls. Hence, they are more effective in keeping fuels and other chemicals fresher and safer.

These tanks can also store larger amounts of fuel, chemicals and other liquids. Self-bunded tanks are ideal for businesses who require large amounts of fuel to keep their daily business operations running. From agriculture, construction/earth-moving, mining/drilling/quarrying, and power/energy, to automotive, manufacturing, technical services, engineering, and transport.

Not all businesses require large amounts of fuel and storage tanks for their bulk fuel supplies, but it is a good idea to consider if you’re planning to expand your business.

If you are not sure which option suits your business needs, you can talk to a Pacific Petroleum Business Manager who will consider your objectives, understands your issues, and will offer practical solutions. Hence, adding value to what your business can offer. Our experts can tailor different equipment and service solutions to suit the needs of your business. Contact Us!