Changing your car engine oil reduces the amount of heat of your engine. Proper lubrication reduces the chance of your engine breakdown. Oil and dirt can damage your car’s performance. Replacing oil is necessary to give your Mobil engine long life. There are easy ways out there on the internet to help you change your engine oil on your own. 


Here are some of the easy ways on how you can change your engine oil on your own 

  1. Open it up!

If you want to lift your car high enough, give yourself room to work under it. Either you use a hoist, ramps, or jack stands. Remember to prioritize your safety first. To access the oil pan and oil filter, you need to remove the cover. Most underlays can be found and held with a mixture of bolts, screws, or plastic clips that are easy to remove with primary hand tools.


  1. Unplug It, Drain It

Locate your oil container. An oil drain pan is available at an auto parts store. The oil will drain in the container without getting all over the ground because otherwise, it will be a big mess. Most cars have a big gallon in their oil pan so remember to remove the drain plug by loosening it counterclockwise with a proper wrench and unscrewing. Hold on to the drain plug as you remove it. Oil will start to pour out as you pull away into the oil pan. Allow the engine to drain for five minutes or until the discharge has slowed dripping. 


  1. Off with the old filter 

You need to find the oil filter. It’s the softball-sized cylindrical component screwed onto the engine. Using your hand or an oil-filter wrench, loosen the oil filter and turn it counterclockwise. The oil will start to come out on top and directly drip on your container. Wait until the oil stops dripping so you can remove the drainer. Be sure that there is no rubber ring left behind before installing the new drainer. Remember to remove the old cover so the new drainer will seal properly. It is good to wipe down any oil-covered surfaces before changing the drain plug and oil filter.

Change Your Engine Oil

  1. Drain Pug in, Filter on

Replace the drain plug and tighten. Overtightening can cause damage to the oil pan. Take your new oil filter and apply a light coating of oil all around the rubber gasket on the top of the filter.


  1. Fill it back up with oil 

After replacing the oil filter and drain plug, you need to reinstall the undertray lower the car back to the ground. Open the hood and remove the oil cap.


  1. Check the oil level, Check for Leaks

After waiting a few minutes for the oil to settle into the pan, use the dipstick to verify that your oil is at the proper level. 


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