Agricultural Machinery is used in farming to save time for labor. Farm machines include different varieties of devices with a wide range of applications. It helps in the production, distribution, and utilization of equipment, tools, and machinery for developing agricultural land, planting, harvesting, and primary processing. It explains why you need to choose the best oil for machinery that will help you maintain and prolong agricultural machinery life.


Tips on Maintaining your Agricultural Machinery


  1. Read the owner’s manual

You need to know what equipment you have. You must understand the details and new upgrades of your machinery to apply it correctly when you use your machine.

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  1. Pressure wash after use

Mud building up inside your wheel wells is more than just a mess. It can increase rust and erode enamel coatings on your rims. So after you use it, you need to rinse off your machinery with a pressure washer.


  1. Look at your tractor like you would your car

Simply popping the hood and checking on the engine is another way of cutting down the cost and fixing issues when they are small. Hoses will get loose leading to leaking.


  1. Know the Signs of Wear and Damage 

Knowing your machine well enough will help you to tell if something is wrong with your equipment. Vibration, shock, overheating, friction, and strange noises are all signs of wear or damage. Take note of these noises so you can get your farm machinery serviced before a major breakdown happens.

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  1. Remember to Lubricate Your Machinery

All moving types of equipment need to be lubricated. Lubricants reduce friction and enhance the life expectancy of machinery and parts. It is necessary to choose the best o and make sure to clean up the dirt of your farm machinery before changing its oil. 


Pacific Petroleum has different shell distributors along with shell lubricants products. Shell engine oil promotes shell helix oil that provides superior protection against engine stress and wears because it is a modern synthetic, made from natural gas. It is powerful and less volatile at the molecular level than those made from traditional crude oil. Shell Rimula is one of the best oils to use in your engine to protect your trucks and farm machinery equipment from rough roads. One of Shell distributors international is Shell oil Australia also distributes shell oils in their country. Wherever you go, Shell is on its way to help you in keeping your farm machinery in good condition.