The Marine Industry in Australia is a significant contributor to the country’s wide range and a significant company to other markets. The industry includes ship contractors, boat building contractors, stores of marine products (which includes boat items), marine equipment suppliers, marine companies, and related activities.


There are three main types of boats. These are:

  • The human-powered boats
  • Sailing boats
  • Motorboats

Marine lubricants are helpful in the daily functioning of the marine and shipping sector too. One more crucial reality we all need to understand is that these lubricants are nowadays being used in electronic gadgets, capacitors, transformers, etc. All lubes used within the industries are prepared from synthetic or organic compounds. There are numerous lubricants available like synthetic lubricants, organic lubricants, semi-synthetic lubricants and etc. With various types of oils such as gear oils, brake oils, hydraulic oils, marine oils, motor oils, turbine oils, and so on are classified under fluid lubes.


Here are a few Shell Marine Lubricants that you might wish to check out. All of these have been made to have a longer life, thus reducing the demand to transform oil frequently, and have actually been designed to boost system performance:


  • Shell Alexia was developed as a solution to the production of bigger and bulkier container ships that run using engines with very lengthy strokes. These kinds of engines are prone to chilly deterioration.
  • Shell Argina provides an innovative way to resolve stress and anxiety administration. This way, it can help to enhance engine performance and reduce outrageous engine upkeep expenses.
  • Shell Corena protects the engine components from wearing the control vane, screw, cylinder, piston ring, and valve even in the heat.

Shell Marine Lubricant

  • Shell Morlina provides consistency and reliability as it offers excessive defense from oxidation and water separation.
  • Shell Strombus targets the stern tube elements and secures them from possible wearing and deterioration.
  • Shell Tellus is used for hydraulic equipment and applications. It also provides air release filterability and cleanliness and also longer pump life.
  • Shell Turbo is planned for the generators. Amongst its extremely beneficial features is its capacity to drain excess water from the lubrication system, thus decreasing the threat of damage.


Shell definitely has something in its sleeves to help you out with your marine devices and engine troubles. So what are you awaiting? All you have to do is take a look at the list of numerous marine lubricants.