Peter Wallace Motors

Peter Wallace Motors is an Independent Workshop who services both passenger and commercial vehicles at Lilydale, Victoria. Peter has been purchasing Shell lubricants from Pacific Petroleum for 2 years. The product mix that suits Peter Wallace’s customer base are Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 5/30, Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2/C3 0/30, Shell Helix HX7 10/40 and Shell Rimula R4-L. He also uses a range of 20L gear, transmission oils and some of the less common engine oils.

Peter says that he chose to switch brands due to “Shell’s exceptional quality and brand awareness in both passenger and commercial vehicle segment.” Peter added that “this high-quality lubricant range has many of the OEM approvals that I require.” For Peter, near enough is not good enough. He wants to ensure his customer’s and his own peace of mind by using OEM approved products only.

Peter also notes “Pacific Petroleum has been able to supply me with not only this superior brand and product but have also been able to lock me in with the final piece of the puzzle, ‘good old customer service’ I need to keep my customers on the road. It’s simply not an option to delay them or let them down. I won’t see them again. The delivery service is on time, every time”

“Pure Plus technology, the Technical Hotline and App, Brand awareness have helped me to grow my business. This continues with all the effort that Troy went to in setting up a lubricant storage facility for me. He wanted to understand my problems and he came up with a solution that I am delighted with. It looks really neat and my customer have commented on that.”

Peter Wallace finishes with “I definitely recommend Pacific Petroleum as your vendor and Shell Lubricants as the product to use if you want to increase customer retention, customer satisfaction all whilst utilising nothing but the most cutting edge technology in your business”

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