Cars are an investment. You spent money to maintain it. High temperatures, prolonged sun exposure, high humidity, and other factors can cause significant wear on your car. As summer gets into full swing, it’s necessary to make sure you’re properly caring for the essential areas of your vehicle. Some simple tips will help you protect your investment in your car and maximize its lifespan. Proper lubrication of your car can help you save its engine. Synthetic oil is better for lubrication.

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Why is synthetic oil better? Compared to regular oil, synthetic oil has many advantages:

  • It flows more easily in cold weather, so there is no elemental loss when the oil is cold. In addition, it has good resistance to viscosity deterioration (the ability of the lubricant to flow easily at all temperatures) due to heat, friction, and chemical contaminants. 
  • The frequency of changing synthetic oil is lower than an average oil change. Lubricant change intervals are longer for synthetic oils: 7,500 to 10,000 km between oil changes (versus 3,000 for mineral oils). Sometimes synthetic oil change intervals are up to 25,000 miles between changes. However, we do not recommend going that long! On the other hand, synthetic oils can also have some disadvantages.
  •  Prevent wear of coupling parts in the engine.

Red Line Oil

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

  •  It has better viscosity performance even at high or low temperatures.
  • Better viscosity index (VI). 
  • Better chemical and shear stability. 
  • Decrease evaporative loss. 
  • Oxidation resistance. Thermal breakdown and oil sludge problems. 
  • The ability to extend drain intervals, with environmental benefits due to less waste oil generated. 
  • Improve fuel economy in specific engine configurations. 
  • When starting up in an extremely cold,  it gives better lubrication.
  •  Can prolong engine life. 
  • Outstanding protection against the formation of “ash” and other deposits in engine hot spots. For less oil burning and less risk of damage clogged oil passages. 
  • It increases horsepower and torque due to lower engine initial drag. 
  • The last of the synthetic oil advantages: Improved fuel economy (FE)

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