Synthetic Motor Oil has become increasingly popular in today’s society, and people have informed themselves about the accuracy they can save by using them. From grease to gear lube, a vehicle needs to have lubrication.


Synthetics are created in the laboratory to prove efficiency. Conventional products when exposed to temperature. Synthetics are much more uniform and better managed. They are thermally stable, which gives synthetics a better resistance to thermal failure. Volatility or burn-off happens when oil gets hot. Synthetic motor oil has an extremely low volatility rate which helps control oil consumption and exhausts because of volatility.


Synthetic Oils, just like normal oils are combined with specific qualities features. Each oil has certain additives that particularly do something different. Right here are some proven benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil.

  1. Synthetic oil offers excellent engine cleanliness with premium sludge and oxidation protection.
  2. Synthetic oil helps reduce engine wear at high temperatures.
  3. Synthetic oil provides outstanding high-temperature protection under severe driving problems.
  4. Synthetic oil enhances fuel effectiveness.
  5. Synthetic oils are completely suitable for conventional oils.
  6. Synthetic oils prolong engine life by reducing oil oxidation and by minimizing internal wear.
  7. Synthetic oils extend drain time. Consult with Pacific Petroleum company.


A synthetic motor oil cost per quart, again depending on where you buy it, might be as much as ten dollars per quart which is twice as much as petroleum motor oil, and also a high-quality filter as much as fifteen dollars. That’s three times the cost. That’s a big saving over one year, in addition to these factors:

  • You’ll save yourself the time of 4 oil changes annually when using synthetic motor oil.
  • From the eco-friendly end of things, there is less waste oil to deal with, which helps the environment.
  • You will see a difference in fuel effectiveness with synthetic oil.
  • Easier cold weather starts.

SAE 5w-40 Synthetic Motor Oil most advanced formulation for high-performance engines. Today’s vehicles need motor oil that equals their changing demands and does more to boost performance and engine life. This is why Shell developed a completely new method to produce synthetic-based oils, made from natural gas with trademarked Shell PurePlus Technology.


Shell Helix Ultra is a range of top-tier motor oil that is developed using the unique Shell PurePls Technology, generating a motor oil that actively helps maintain engines clean.


Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 offers:

  • Unsurpassed sludge protection, no other motor oil can maintain your engine closer to factory clean.
  • Exceptional protection and cleansing, even at the longest manufacturer-recommended oil-drain intervals
  • Approved for use by many manufacturers of high-performance vehicles and is the only motor oil used by Ferrari.