When it comes to industrial lubricants, it can frequently be the difference between early machinery failure and efficiently operating equipment. Automotive bearing lubricants and industrial application lubricants differ. One of the most essential and unique variations of lubricants is available in food-safe lubricants.


Food-grade lubricants and fluids have obtained a unique place and application in the modern industrial world. Such lubricants can be high-temperature oil, greases, and more to sustain efficiency in large markets to support reliable productivity.


Food-grade lubricants are categorized into six broad groups gear oil, hydraulic oil, conveyor oil, specialty oil, compressor, and white & base oil.

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Gear Fluids

There are semi-synthetic and can be utilized for various gearbox applications. It provides a special lubricity for helical, bevel, spur, and also worm gears. These are semi-synthetic and can be used for various gearbox applications. They come with features that make them obtain used for long-drain and deposit-free operation.


Hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic oil is mineral-based oil that includes additives of rust to offer anti-wear protection to industrial equipment. It provides premium performance over various food-grade quality lubricating fluids.


Conveyor fluids

This oil category is implied to provide lubrication in high-humidity environments. 

food grade lubricant

Specialty fluids

Specialty oil can be utilized in different areas of lubrication consisting of industrial airline lubrication and much more. Anti-wear protection is offered by it for air motors as well as components. It can be quickly used for machinery applications in the modern food and beverage industry or any other.


The remaining two-fluid categories also come with several useful features and can be used for specialized and other general lubrication applications.


Pacific Petroleum is the provider of industrial-grade lubricants including food-grade lubricants in Australia. One of the best brands is Phillips 66 which provides the best lubricants for food industries. Its different oil, lubricants, and greases are meant to provide increased productivity in large-scale industries.