Motor grease has become popular in today’s society, and people have informed themselves about the money they can save by using them. From grease oil to gear lube, a vehicle needs to have lubrication.


There are many advantages to taking advantage of when it comes to using grease products for your car or truck. Synthetic grease will remain effective for a long time. Synthetic motor oil is the best choice for high-performance engines and vehicles. As for filters, it is always wise to match synthetic filters with a particular type of motor grease oil you choose to use.

Motor Grease

One of the best ways to maintain all vehicles looking and operating like new is to ensure that they are greased frequently and correctly. This is VERY important. Class 8 heavy-duty trucks need about three pounds of grease for the chassis and the fifth wheel applied at one-or-two-week intervals.


Most Class8 trucks have about thirteen zerks grease fitting just on the front axle and steering linkage. Many types of motor grease are out there, Shell Lubricants has complete grease products to use for different kinds of vehicles. Class 8 trucks need grease oil in the following:

  • wheel bearings
  • kingpins
  • tie rods
  • brake slack adjusters
  • brake cams
  • suspension bushings
  • clutch
  • all universal joints


Shell heavy-duty grease oil has a pliant from -40 degrees and resists washing out in rain and snow. Excellent motor grease must resist excessive hub oil bleed and soften due to mechanical. Axles and wheels require protection and security against rust and corrosion. 

Best Grease

Use recommended grease and be sure zerks are clean. Also, clean the end of the nozzle of the grease gun before prior starting. Apply the brand-new grease until the old grease is forced out. Do not leave drippings from excessive application all over the ground. Do not apply under excessive pressure to prevent seal damage or hose pipe rupture.


The Shell Gadus varies and consists of multipurpose greases that can help to simplify your product stock and specialty greases, including innovative polyurea synthetic products developed for the most severe extreme-temperature and long-life applications and a variety of open-gear lubricants.


Lubricate your engine, too. Get a fuel reformulator that pays you at the pump.