Petronas Syntium is made uniquely with a formula that absorbs and transfers heat away from critical engine parts. It helps your car against excessive engine heat and delivers optimum engine performance with excellent fuel economy. 


Petronas Engine oil is one of the top-quality engine oil among other brands. It keeps the vibration of the engine slow and makes acceleration effortless.

What makes Petronas Syntium one of the top-quality engine oil in the world?

Car Engine

  • It gives optimum engine performance for a trouble-free drive
  • It has ultimate power output with excellent fuel economy
  • Excellent wear protection under extreme conditions 
  • Cleaner engine with prolonged engine life


Petronas Syntium has the best lubricant and oil depending on your car model. With Pacific Petroleum, you can have Petronas lubricant and Petronas oil for your vehicle at an affordable car engine oil price. Pacific Petroleum gives off car engine oil sales. It has Petronas Syntium 5000 rn 5w30 and Petronas Syntium 5000 av. So which engine oil do you think your car needed?


 Here are six key factors for selecting the best oil for your engine. 

Mechanic changing engine oil on car vehicle.

  1. Function: What does the Lubricant Do? Lubricants have a different function that includes the controls of the following: 
  •  Contamination (lubricants transport particles and other contaminants to filters and separators)
  • Temperature (lubricants can absorb and transfer heat)
  • Wear (lubricants can reduce mechanical and corrosive wear)
  • Corrosion (quality lubricants protect surfaces from corrosive substances)
  • Friction (lubricants minimize heat generation and energy consumption)


  1. Ingredients: What’s in the Lubricant? 

There are lots of different addition to the base oil. Many people are unaware that greases are oils with thickeners added. The type of thickener matters a great deal because it gives a sticky quality.


  1. Terminology: What do these things mean? 

To choose the best oil for your car, you need to understand some technical words. Guide you completely to understand some articles and blogs when you read them.


  1. Ease of Use 

Not all oils are applied the same way. The technique for application will rely upon your specific gear. If you are buying oils from a respectable merchant, talk with one of their experts to figure out what technique will be generally helpful.


  1. Longevity

Oils have an ideal life expectancy, and when it’s finished, you should replace them immediately. If you fail to do so, it might ruin your entire engine.


  1. Cost

As with most things in life, you get what you pay. You need to look if the product is worth buying for its price and ingredients. 



This coming season, Pacific Petroleum now offers Petronas Synmtium 5000 rn 5w30 and Petronas Syntium 5000 av. Giving you a reasonable car engine oil price for as low as 1300 dollars+GST each 200 L drum although Stock Lost. Pacific Petroleum provides the most affordable price and good service to its consumer. It promotes car engine oil sales, allowing the customer to get the best quality oil at the lowest price.